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I. Mission Statement:

To better serve and protect the Federal Privacy Rights of those who through no fault of their own have suffered assault on their credit reputation through inaccurate and unlawful credit reporting and/or the theft of their identity.

II. The Playing Field in the 21st Century:

Access to easy credit on demand and the willingness of powerful financial institutions to encourage and accommodate merchants seeking to exploit the electronic immediacy of current technology to facilitate consumer commerce has contributed to a national epidemic of identity theft and false and inaccurate credit reporting which has injured and defamed many individuals. Click here for articles on Identity Theft by and How to Improve your Credit Scores by Money Magazine.

Congress and the judiciary both federal and state have recognized the wrong and attempted to set it right by statute and case law interpretations. (see links)

Unfortunately, the only way for a consumer to correct their credit reputation so that it is an accurate reflection of who they are is to hire an experienced trial lawyer. One who has intimate knowledge of the complex law and the court system and the habits and characteristics of those who incorrectly report credit and enable the theft of identity and the horrible aftermath.

Consumer Letter writing and self help have proved to be of no effect in challenging the mighty national credit bureaus, their regional and local affiliates or the financial institutions that rely on the credit reporting agencies for credit information. This latter group are known collectively as "furnishers".

Furnishers are the true and only customers of the credit reporting agencies. They subscribe to the credit bureaus and rely daily on the instantaneous electronic transmission of voluminous information on consumers.

Who are these subscriber-furnishers? They are mortgage brokers, car dealers, insurance companies, housing rental agents, employers, banks, credit card issuers, retail stores, and many more.

III. You, the Consumer. Where do you fit in?

The U.S. Supreme Court has spoken indirectly of the duty of the consumer to be vigilant as to his or her individual credit history as it is being reported daily to the credit reporting agencies. (Click here for Andrews decision)

It seems prudent that in addition to those times when you authorize some one else to review your credit reputation (credit history), you should review your own credit reputation at least annually by ordering a credit report on yourself quarterly. When others review your credit history and take adverse action such as the denial of a job, loan, apartment lease, or insurance, they must by law advise you of the reasons. (ECOA)

IV. Who are the privacy lawyers?

We are dedicated professional consumer trial lawyers who have trained ourselves and our staff in the various chapters of the federal and state Consumer Protection Laws. We have successfully represented hundreds of consumers just like you who have been frustrated and disappointed at the inaccuracies in their credit histories and have been unable to get anyone to listen and understand their dilemma.

V. How can the privacy lawyers help you?

The privacy lawyers will consult with your for no charge or fee and will analyze your specific fact pattern of idenity theft and its after math. You will need to obtain a copy of your credit report Credit Reporting Agencies' Addresses, mark the inaccurate items of information. These inaccuracies might be clues to whom and in what manner your credit identity is being misused.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently reported a classic case of T.O.I. and Privacy Invasion. [click here].

VII. How do you contact the privacy lawyers?
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