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Thomas J. Lyons
Mr. Lyons is a board certified trial advocate. With over 40 years of practice, he has been a frequent lecturer on the skills of trial advocacy, President of the Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, a member of the board of Governors of the American Trial Lawyers Association and President of the Warren E. Burger Inn of Court. He is a skilled and experienced Litigator and leads the firm which has adopted his personal motto....

"Lawyers are Stewards of Democracy"

--Georgetown University Law School, LLB, 1965
--University of Wisconsin at Madison, BBA, 1962
--US Court of Appeals - First Circuit, 1966
--US Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, 1966
--Supreme Court of Minnesota, 10/20/1967
--US District Court, District of MN, 09/23/1968
--US Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit, 07/16/1970
--US Supreme Court, 1973
--Supreme Court of Wisconsin, 09/28/1989
--US Court of Veteran's Appeals, 1992
--US District Court - District of Alabama
--US District Court - District of Alaska
--US District Court - District of Arizona
--US District Court - District of California
--US District Court - District of Georgia
--US District Court - District of Louisiana
--US District Court - District of Massachusetts
--US District Court - District of Michigan
--US District Court - District of North Dakota
--US District Court - District of South Dakota
--US District Court - District of Texas
--President, MN Trial Lawyers Associations, 1982 - 1983
--Member of Board of Governors of American Trial Lawyers Association, 1987 - 1989
--President Warren E. Burger Inn of Court, St. Paul, MN 1989 - 1996
--American Board of Trial Advocates, 1998 - 2000
--National Association Of Consumer Advocates, 1995 - Present
--American Arbitration Association, 1975 - Present

Certified by National Board of Trial Advocacy, Washington, D. C.
1981 - Present As Civil Trial Advocate
State of Minnesota Civil Trial Specialist



Lay Member, Peer Review Committee,
MN Board of Chiropractic Examiners 1988 - 1990,
Chairperson 9/1988 - 6/1990



--Arbitrator for American Arbitration Association  1975 - Present
--MN Jury Instruction Guide Committee, 3rd Edition
--Plaintiff legal malpractice cases, 1980 - Present


--The Military Claims Act: Remedy or Run Around.
   Vol. 14:2, Fall 1990 American Journal of Trial Advocacy
--Various Trial Advocacy Articles

--Founder of the Consumer Law Center, St. Paul. in 1991
--Equal Credit Opportunity Act
--Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
--Fair Credit Reporting Act
--Identity Theft
--Invasion of Privacy
--Numerous State law litigation including class actions involving:

Salvaged vehicles
Retail installment contract fraud
Odometer fraud
Consumer fraud

--Truth In Lending Act
--Wrongful Repossession litigation

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My Heroes and Role Models
Thomas Lyon Sr. and Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader graduated magna cum laude from Princeton in 1955 and from Harvard Law School in 1958. As a student at Harvard, Nader first researched the design of automobiles. In an article titled "The Safe Car You Can't Buy," which appeared in the Nation in 1959, he concluded, "It is clear Detroit today is designing automobiles for style, cost, performance, and calculated obsolescence, but not-despite the 5,000,000 reported accidents, nearly 40,000 fatalities, 110,000 permanent disabilities, and 1,500,000 injuries yearly-for safety."
(Lyons is pictured with Nader at Wm. Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul in August of 2000)

Charles Scrutchin
Scrutchin, Charles W. (September 1865 - July 14, 1930)
Charles Scrutchin
, a Bemidji trial lawyer, was one of three black lawyers hired by the NAACP for the Duluth Lynchings case of 1920. Working with R. C. McCullough and Ferdinand L. Barnett Jr., he defended the surviving seven black Circus workers falsely accused of the alleged rape of a white woman. Scrutchin led the defense team for the William Miller trial and convinced the jury to acquit Miller of rape.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Scrutchin graduated from law school at the University of Michigan in 1893. After beginning his practice as an attorney in Chicago under the the tutelage of Edward H. Morris, Scrutchin moved to Bemidji (by way of St. Paul) where he lived and practiced until his death in 1930.

Clarence Darrow
Clarence Darrow: Probably the most celebrated American lawyer of the 20th century, Clarence Darrow worked as defense counsel in many widely publicized trials. He was notable as a defender of the underdog and civil rights. He was a distinguished speaker on agnosticism, liberalism, freethought and humanism.

President Abraham Lincoln
President Abraham Lincoln: A noted trial lawyer before he entered politics, he became the Sixteenth President of the United States 1861-1865. Successfully led the country through the Civil War and was assassinated five days after the South surrendered. Only other national elected office was one term in the House of Representatives 1847-1849.

President Thomas Jefferson
President Thomas Jefferson, Lawyer and statesman who became the third president of the fledgling United States of America, the author of the Declaration of Independence, the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, and the father of the University of Virginia, was born to Peter Jefferson, a citizen of Welsh origins who wielded a large amount of influence in Albemarle County, Virginia, and his wife Jane Randolph on 2 April 1743. Thomas was the third of ten children.